How to...

How to stencil

Just simply position the stencil on wall and tape it to the surface with a low tack tape. Apply paint with a stencil brush but use a minimum of paint to avoid bleeding beneath the stencil. When you finished, carefully peel off the stencil. Happy stencilling!

What material stencils are made of

Stencil is cut from a reusable, durable 190mic mylar which is sturdy whilst being flexible. The material is also reusable and cleanable meaning if it's looked after it may be used again and again!

Sheet sizes: (W x H cm/inch):

  • A5: 21x14.8 cm (8.3x5.8 inch)
  • A4: 29.7x21 cm (11.7x8.3 inch)
  • A3: 42x29.7 cm (16.5x11.7 inch)
  • A2: 59.4x42 cm (23.4x16.5 inch)
  • A1: 84.1x59.4 cm (33.1x23.4 inch)

The actual stencil design is cut into the sheet with a small border left around the edges.